Stomach Cramps When Pregnant, Know the Causes and How to Overcome It

Some pregnant women have experienced stomach cramps. Stomach cramps during pregnancy are actually quite normal. However, abdominal cramps during pregnancy if followed by other symptoms, should be aware because it can harm the womb. As the developing fetus and uterus enlarge, various changes occur in the body of the pregnant woman, one of which is abdominal cramps. Many mothers are worried that abdominal cramps during pregnancy indicate dangerous conditions such as miscarriage, even though abdominal cramps during pregnancy are natural. Causes of Stomach Cramps During Pregnancy Some common causes of abdominal cramps during pregnancy include: Changes in uterine size During pregnancy, the development of the fetus in the womb will make the size of the uterus enlarge with increasing gestational age. To support the development of the uterus, the connective tissue or ligaments that connect the pelvic bone and uterus will stretch so that the uterus feels tight. Pressure on muscles,
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